The Bullsbrook College Library is a welcoming environment, the library is an important resource for supporting enquiry based learning as well as being a wonderful gathering spot for students.

The library caters to the ever-changing needs of students and teachers in fulfilling the curriculum. Students are encouraged to become independent learners and researchers, supported by a team of professional library staff who are always on hand to direct, guide and advise.

The library aims to provide excellent and relevant library programs and resources to the students of Bullsbrook College.

Softlink ‘Oliver V5’ is our new Library Management System.

This is an exciting platform for staff and students to use. It is easy to navigate and provides a host of benefits. Oliver provides an Orbit Junior interface for the younger students and a home page interface for the middle/senior students.

One of the great features is that students can search not only the physical copies held by the school library but also other helpful  databases, providing them with greater access to reputable online resources that can be accessed at home.

Students are able to easily check their current loans and manage any overdue loans, reserve resources, create book reviews and also see what new titles have been added to the Library via the slideshow carousels.

This new library system can be accessed via the Student Portal or by clicking on the link below.  The link is also available on the Bullsbrook College website allowing them to access the Library database from home.

Bullsbrook College Library Website

Login directly by selecting the URL link

  1. Username: your student user name
  2. A password is not required

The Library is open before school from 8.00am and after school until 4.00pm.

This allows students to exchange their books or to read outside their scheduled class time.