House System

A major part of the Pastoral Care Program at Bullsbrook College is our House System. The school has four Houses that represent four key parts of the Bullsbrook area.

They are the:

The Avon River flows through National Parks only a few kilometres from our school.

The Darling Scarp is a low escarpment also known as the Darling Ranges. A famous local bushranger known as Moondyne Joe hid in the bushland in the Darling Scarp in the 1860s.

The RAAF Base Pearce is a prominent feature of the town of Bullsbrook and only a few minutes’ walk from the school.

The beautiful Walyunga National Park is only a few minutes drive south of the school and is accessed by our students for canoeing and walking.

The House System is a major vehicle for promoting student excellence and achievement in the school. Students earn House Points by participating in events, being positive contributors in the school yard and also in the classroom. House activities are held regularly. A highlight of the school calendar is our House Athletics Carnival held in September of each year.

On each campus, the winning House each term is rewarded, as well as each Semester.  The winning House for the year across the whole school is rewarded by being named the Champion House and attending a Reward Function.

Each House has a staff Leader on each campus and these Leaders are assisted by student House Leaders on each campus.