Bus, Cars & Parking

Cars & Parking

Students who drive to Bullsbrook College are requested to park in Brearley Street to minimise congestion in the main car park on Chittering Road. Do not leave valuables in cars.

Parents collecting or dropping off children are requested to be mindful of safety and courtesy. Parking on adjacent verges blocks drivers’ views of oncoming traffic and causes concern for local residents due to property damage.  For safety reasons drivers should pull into parking bays rather than stopping in the middle of the car park.

The congestion only lasts for a few minutes each morning and afternoon. Patience, considerate driving and planning alternative locations to drop off or collect students are all strategies which will ensure safe arrival and departure from school for all of our students.

School Bus Service

Our school has a very strong partnership with School Bus Services (SBS) provided by the Public Transport Authority.  When enrolling at Bullsbrook College please register online with SBS if you require bus transport.

There is a Code of Conduct which is a requirement of bus travel. Students who breach this code may be suspended from using bus transport for a period of time by SBS.

Students are not permitted to travel on buses to stay overnight with friends or for casual visits.

Students will be issued with SmartRider Concession Cards early in the school year. These are to confirm the student’s identity and age for discounted fares on public transport.

All the information required is available at  www.schoolbuses.wa.gov.au. The student Code of Conduct for bus travel is clearly outlined at that link under Roles and Responsibilities.

Cars & congestion at school pick up & drop off times

Please be patient and considerate when transporting students to and from the school. Be aware of those around you and avoid causing congestion or danger to others. Think about where you are stopping or parking and how this impacts upon others behind or around you.

Car Parking Information

Safety of all children and adults needs to be a priority on roads and car parks in and around the College grounds at all times.

Important Information

Student vehicles should only be parked on the clear verge on Brearley Street which is the western boundary of the school.

Parents are requested not to use the fenced car parks on the school grounds. These are for staff only. The visitors’ bays in the fenced car park opposite the Vet on Chittering Road are provided for short term visits to the office.

Please do not to park on neighbours’ verges.

Disabled bays should only be used by those with ACROD permits.

The crosswalk attendant on Chittering Road assists children and parents to safely cross that busy road before and after school.

Bicycles & Scooters

Students should lock their bikes/scooters in the bike areas located by the Vegetable Garden and near the Learning Support area.  Students are responsible for their property. To avoid injuring others bikes/scooters should be walked around the school grounds.