Uniforms & Dress Code

By adopting a school uniform which is smart, durable and inexpensive, we are ensuring a safer environment which supports positive expectations for behaviour and tone.

Wearing a uniform:

  • ensures the safety of students through easy identification;
  • promotes a positive school image;
  • engenders a sense of school pride;
  • encourages equity amongst students; and,
  • prepares students for the workplace, where conformity to dress and safety codes is expected.

The Uniform Policy and Dress Code at Bullsbrook College applies at all times – to all students from Kindergarten to Year 12 – when students are required to wear the school uniform before, during and after school.  There are no exceptions to this policy.

Outside of school hours, students in the College uniform are expected to behave as respectful representatives of their school.

Young children may also need to keep a spare set of underclothes in their school bag.  Sometimes accidents do happen when young children are busy and they will feel much happier if they have their own change of clothes.

Order Forms

Uniform Shop Hours

All items of clothing/uniform must be purchased from the Uniform Shop at Bullsbrook College. This is staffed by volunteers from the P&C and is the reason our uniform prices are reasonable.  Volunteers are always needed.

Location: Primary Campus (next to the Canteen Servery in the Cafeteria)

Further information on payment and order forms is available by telephoning the school on 9501 7600, going to the school’s website or emailing bullsbrookpandc@hotmail.com

The Uniform Shop is operated by volunteers.

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: CLOSED

Wednesday: 2:50pm – 3.30pm

Thursday: CLOSED

Friday: 2.50pm – 3.30pm

Community Support / Hardship

Part of our College’s policy is to be supportive of parents and students who are experiencing hardship. The Learning Support Team will have loan uniforms for students in extreme circumstances. The Learning Support Team will manage this confidentially.

Rights & Responsibilities

Students are responsible for knowing and supporting the Uniform Policy and working with the Learning Support Team to address any personal difficulties.

Staff are responsible for managing and supporting the Uniform Policy and supporting the protocols for addressing students who are in breach of that policy.

Parents are responsible for knowing and supporting the Uniform Policy and working with the Learning Support Team to address any personal difficulties.

Leavers' Jackets

Each year, students of Year 12 are invited to design a specially made “Leavers’ Jacket”. This is approved as part of the College uniform. It is optional as to whether or not a Year 12 student chooses to purchase a Leavers’ Jacket.


All students in Years 7 to 12 are encouraged to purchase a minimum of one formal shirt.  There will be a requirement that this shirt be worn on some excursions and at a number of special events and assemblies.  The shirt is part of the school uniform and, as such, can be worn on any normal school day.

Footwear & Socks

Footwear is to be enclosed for all students.   Students who are not wearing closed footwear are unable to participate in practical classes for safety reasons. Thongs, open toed shoes and sandals are not permitted under any circumstances.

Socks should be black, white or navy blue.

Physical Education

Students may wear the College’s Physical Education polo during Physical Education classes. This is also to be worn for Inter School Carnivals.  This top is not for normal school wear.

Jewellery & Cosmetics

Students are permitted to wear minimal jewellery that is unobtrusive.  Earrings/jewellery/piercings considered unsafe or unsuitable for the workplace will not be permitted.

Students are encouraged to avoid wearing excessive make up. However, if application of make up is discreet and appropriate for a school environment it will be considered acceptable.  Heavy and dark eye liner/eye shadow is not acceptable. Where make up is considered to be excessive students will be asked to remove it.

Personal Presentation

  • Dress and safety codes apply in most workplaces. For that reason extreme fashion or cult wear is not permitted.
  • Track suit tops and pants are not uniform and should only be worn for sporting/physical education activities in the secondary school. Students in Kindergarten to Year 6 have a track suit pant as their uniform. When they move into Year 7 the secondary uniform applies.
  • Navy blue tights are permitted for female students.
  • Only white tops should be worn underneath the uniform.
  • Uniform items are to be neat and clean.
  • Uniform items should be worn as intended for the design and purpose.
  • Under garments should not be visible.

Unacceptable Items

  • Leggings/patterned stockings
  • Denim
  • Track suit pants (secondary students)
  • Beanies/berets
  • Open toed shoes, sandals and thongs
  • Fashion or cult wear
  • Excessive jewellery/make up

Noncompliance Procedures

What Should I Do If I Can’t Comply With The Uniform Policy?

A note of explanation is necessary from the parent/carer if there are extreme circumstances or one off situations that are unavoidable.  Upon arrival at school the student is to go to the Learning Support Team where they are able to obtain a loan uniform or Uniform Pass – according to the discretion of the Learning Support Team. Loan uniforms will be issued to the student and are to be returned at the end of the day to Learning Support.

The Uniform Pass is current for that day only.  The Uniform Pass is to be shown to the class teacher at the commencement of that lesson. That Uniform Pass should be shown to each teacher throughout that school day and should be carried by the student all day.

Protocols In Managing Noncompliance

As with all policies and procedures the school will always manage noncompliance in a respectful and inclusive way and we ask the same of parents and students.  Accepting responsibility for supporting the policy will ensure minimum strain upon all parties.  As stated elsewhere in this policy, confidentiality will be respected and maintained where family hardship requires school intervention and support.

Promotion of Uniform/Dress Code

Bullsbrook College is committed to promoting the College Dress Code widely to ensure the school community is clear and confident about what that Code is.  This promotion includes mannequins in the College which display the Dress Code, information on the College website, copies available at the main reception, copies posted around the College, and regular reminders to students and the community.

This policy was endorsed by the Bullsbrook College School Board on 25 September 2013 in accordance with the requirements of the Department of Education’s policies and procedures.

Good Standing Policy

Students not complying with the Dress Code/Uniform Policy may lose Good Standing.