Important to Bullsbrook College is encouraging in our students an understanding of the links that exist between the school and the wider community.  developing in them an interest in activities which promote a strong and healthy community.

Presently, many of our students – and their teachers – actively participate in organisations such as the local historical society (Bullsbrook Museum), the Senior Citizens, Returned Services League (RSL), Scouts and Joeys, Chittering Landcare – and other groups.

Fundraising for a variety of causes by our students is an important feature of our school calendar.

During the year special events are organised to provide opportunities for students to interact with citizens who are well renowned for their selfless contributions.

A second element of citizenship is that of Civics and Citizenship – taught in the Curriculum.

“Values such as respect and a ‘fair go’ are part of Australia’s common democratic way of life. They reflect our commitment to a multicultural and environmentally sustainable society where all are entitled to justice.” –

Teachers seek to develop in our students an interest in local, national and international issues and identify contexts as relevant as possible to each student’s interests. Arranging for students to have access to special visitors to the school (incursions) occurs regularly.  Creating opportunities to participate in cultural functions and events (eg visits to parliament, courts, festivals, exhibitions) are other examples of the school’s commitment to this important area of students’ growth and development as positive citizens feeling connected to their school and their community.