COVID-19 Information and Resources

Thank you to our community for your support at a time of unprecedented uncertainty and change.

Sources of Truth

We are regularly sending updates to you, our community, via CONNECT and our SMS service (MGM+ Outreach).

Important websites to support your access to information are included in those updates. These are some of those websites which are your ‘sources of truth’.         

Continuity of Learning  

Our staff are working to prepare more materials to support your child’s access to learning from home in the next few days, weeks and possibly months. Indeed, they are focusing positively in spite of the ongoing uncertainty that exists at this unusual time in our history.

These websites contain resources to support your child’s home learning. Teachers of senior school ATAR students are working via Webex, CONNECT and other platforms to maintain continuity of learning for our Year 11s and 12s as a high priority.

We encourage you to refer to our regular communications as they contain important information and websites to support physical and emotional wellbeing as well as learning materials.

Take care and stay safe

Principal and Staff of Bullsbrook College

Other Resources